Giant’s Bread


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‘A satisfying novel.’ New York Times

Vernon Deyre is a sensitive and brilliant musician, even a genius. But there is a high price to be paid for his talent. especially by his family and the two women in his life. His sheltered childhood in the home he loves has not prepared Vernon for the harsh reality of his adult years, and in order to write the great masterpiece of his life. he has to make a crucial decision with no time left to count the cost…

‘When Miss Westmacott reaches the world of music, her book  suddenly comes alive.
The chapters In which Jane appears are worth the rest of the book put together.’ New Statesman


Agatha Christie is known throughout the world as the Queen of crime for her 80 ingenious crime books and her plays. Writing anonymously as Mary Westmacott, she also wrote about crimes of the heart, a series of six bittersweet novels with a jagged edge, as compelling and memorable as the best of her work

Giant’s Bread

Unfinished Portrait Absent in the Spring The Rose and the Yew Tree A Daughter’s a Daughter The Burden

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